New Features & Bug Fixes

1. Video Formatting.

1. For Twitter, keep the video length to 120 seconds (2mins) before uploading to Postly. 

2. For TikTok and Instagram, keep the video length to 60 seconds.

3. YouTube Shorts, YouTube automatically converts any video upload below 60 seconds to Shorts.

4. For Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube, and Telegram, keep the video size below 100MB for the best experience.

5. Regular and Vertical: We support  Wide Videos (16:9) as well as Vertical Videos (9:16) as well as YouTube Shorts.

6. Video format: we support only MP4 for now, more options coming soon.

3. Timezones added to Scheduler

You can now schedule your content to a better time precision based on timezones. This provides additional flexibility to time selection and scheduling.

4. Edit or Stop Recurring Posts

To avoid posting the same content repeatedly via the Recurring Post feature, you can now edit the post periodically. 

You also have an option to stop the post at any time.

5. Copy link for Team Member Invitation

Instead of waiting on the email invitation, you can copy the invite link and send to a team member via other channels such as WhatsApp or other instant messaging apps.

Now, you can also cancel the invite, if you change your mind.

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