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So, these are the rules.

  • So, these are the rules:
  • On a Facebook page, if a personal profile makes a post either direct or from Postly, it will show the Page profile as the author.
  • However, a Facebook Group is like a forum, so whoever makes (a personal profile or a Facebook Page) the post will show as the author – mind you that a Page is also an Admin to a Group and can be used in making a post, especially from the Facebook Business Manager.
  • So, if a personal profile makes a post to a Facebook Group, will show as a personal profile, and if a Page makes a post, it will show as a Page.
  • Now, on Postly and most other 3rd party Content Schedulers that connect via the official API, you connect your Facebook platform using your personal profile account – you have to be an admin.
  • This means that all Page posts will appear with Page as the author and all Group Posts will appear as personal profile as the author
  • Also, the API allows connection via your Facebook account (personal profile) and not as a Page – this way it can display ALL your Pages and Groups
  • Allowing you to connect via a Page instead of a personal profile account would have solved this, however, it is not efficient because users with 100s of pages would need to connect 100s of times.