Best Time To Post On Instagram For Your Business

Best Time To Post On Instagram For Your Business

Best Time To Post On Instagram For Your Business

It is now much more challenging for you to publish posts on Instagram that are visible to other users as a result of modifications made to Instagram’s algorithm over the past several years. It provides user-generated content produced by their friends and family with top priority and reduces the likelihood that user-generated content produced by companies will be added to their queues.

Business posts with links that are likely to send customers away from the Instagram app are given even less consideration. Businesses must understand how to play the game to succeed on Instagram.

The following data on interaction is based on the supposition that your audience is in the same time zone as the account that you are posting from, so it is vital to keep that in mind before we go on to the tips. If the bulk of your audience is situated in a different time zone as a result, you might need to make some modifications. Even if it means publishing at a different time than normal, you should aim to publish your material around 12:00 p.m. local time in the time zone where the bulk of your audience is situated if, for example, you find that publishing at that time creates the greatest engagement.

Source: Hubspot Instagram Engagement Report

What Time Of Day Is Ideal For Instagram Photo And Video Uploads?

The data does show certain clear characteristics that could help you in steering your strategy, but the answer is not the same for each account.

The most popular material was posted between six and nine o’clock in the evening, although nights are often a pretty safe bet because engagement stays high until midnight.

The lowest engagement rate occurs between five in the morning and noon; following that, things gradually get better. The main difference between the picture and the one previously mentioned is that there is more variation if we look at the average number of engagements rather than the engagement rate.

Even if nights remain the most preferred time, the prime-time window of six to nine o’clock is much more prominent in this case. Additionally, between the hours of 5 and 8 in the morning, engagement sharply drops, and between the hours of 10 and 4 in the afternoon, engagement steadily rises.


The fundamental idea is that Instagram is more well-liked in the evening when users are either winding down from the day’s activities or preparing for bed. When one considers that the majority of us work throughout the day, these findings become extremely clear.

Source: Hubspot Instagram Engagement Report

There isn’t a single day of the week that is unequivocally bad for posting on Instagram; nevertheless, pictures from the weekend tend to get a little bit more likes and comments.

  • The conspicuous exception in this data is Sunday, with an average engagement rate of 6.47%. With 6.05% and 5.95% of the vote, Saturday and Monday are in second and third place, respectively.
  • From Tuesday to Friday, 5.6% of the group participates in the conversation on average.
  • Once more, concentrating on the overall number of interactions as opposed to the speed of those interactions gives us a little more complex understanding of the same general event.
  • With an average of 461 engagements, Wednesday stands out as the winner of the midweek competition when this calculation is made. However, Saturday and Sunday continue to be the greatest days for posting, so don’t forget to plan material for the weekend!
  • Since we know you don’t want to work on a Sunday evening either, a social media scheduling tool might be really helpful in this case.

Source: Hubspot Instagram Engagement Report

Instagram Scheduler by Postly

Brands with corporate accounts may use third-party tools like Postly to schedule posts across a variety of social media networks, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

  1. You may schedule posts with Postly for your Instagram feed, Stories, carousel, and reels.
  1. If you switch to an Instagram Business or Creator account before you start, it will just take a minute of your time and is free.
  2. Even on the busiest days of the week, Instagram users continue to connect with the platform most frequently at night.
  3. On most days, we also notice a late-night spike in contact around 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. However, the average engagement rate does not reflect this, thus you should normally avoid scheduling your articles for hours after midnight.

You are fortunate to have access to Postly’s Instagram scheduler, which you can use to prepare and schedule your Instagram posts, stories, and reels in advance.

After that, you can include your Instagram posts into schedules for each of your social media channels, being careful to make sure that they are in line with the rest of your social media updates and that they work well with any ongoing campaigns you may be doing.

North America – Best Time Of Day To Post On Instagram

In North America, evening and nocturnal postings continue to produce the highest levels of interaction. No matter what time of day, this is true. While posting between the hours of 5 p.m. and 12 a.m. results in the highest engagement rate, the data shows that this period also has the lowest average number of engagements.

This could be a sign that smaller accounts post more frequently at night when there are fewer overall engagements but a higher proportion of followers.

North America – Best Day of the Week To Post On Instagram

Based on the day of the week, there isn’t much of a variation in the number of individuals using Instagram in North America. On Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, average engagements were over 400, with a distinct decline in activity during the middle of the week that peaked on Thursday at 379.5.

Here, the engagement rate serves as a proxy for the trend of higher activity on the weekends.

You may create your own version of Instagram using a video or a picture, then post it to Postly using a URL or by directly uploading it from the device. After that, you can select the platform that you want to publish to.

You’ll have the ability to alter a single post so that it appears on several social accounts across many networks, and you’ll be able to accomplish all of this from a single page thanks to the functionality that the tool provides. In addition, you can select, in advance, the time of day during which your tales will be published.

Source: Hubspot Instagram Engagement Report

The weekend is when the engagement rate is highest in the United Kingdom and Ireland, just like it is in North America. On the other side, Wednesdays and Sundays were shown to have the largest average number of engagements.

How can you figure out when you should publish anything on Instagram?

Here is a list of inquiries you should ask yourself.

1.     What time of day are most of your followers active?

This might be significantly different from both the national and global averages. Use Instagram’s built-in statistics to check it out.

2.     Where precisely is your community located?

The frequency of your posts will vary depending on how many of your followers are situated in time zones that are not the same as your own. This is just another task for Instagram’s in-app analytics.

3.     Is there a day when your post info is more useful than at other times?

For instance, it would be more advantageous for a company that sells beverages to post about coffee in the morning and herbal tea in the evening.

4.     Did you test your strategy enough?

These inquiries are a great place to start, but you should evaluate the most successful blog pieces on your site to acquire insightful responses.

According to the latest Instagram statistics:

  • Companies often provide fresh information to their feeds once every day.
  • The typical number of interactions with a post from a business account is 0.96%.
  • Instagram is used by users on average for roughly 30 minutes daily.
  • With each journey to the platform, six minutes and 35 seconds pass.
  • In the US, 63 percent of users access Instagram at least once every day.
  • 42% of Instagram users in the US open the app often every day.

If you want to know when to post on Instagram the most effective right now, use the following guidelines:

Look at the posts  you have with the best results:

First things first: choose whether you want to use brand awareness or increased engagement as a performance indicator. You may plan your Instagram posts in several different ways, depending on your goals.

Which of your previous postings caught readers’ attention the most? When did you initially make them available online? How do these posts differ from others that have received many likes? What do the statistics show about the content that interests your audience the most?

Take into account the times that your competitors post:

Some of your competitors are probably performing the same tests and computations as you are, depending on the industry in which you operate. By keeping a watch on what’s being said on social media or even by performing a comprehensive social competitive analysis, you can keep track of what’s working for others.

An important tip: a lot of businesses post around the hour mark. You can avoid the competition by submitting a few minutes before or after 00:00:00.

Commit to consistency:

To fully capitalize on all of this knowledge about your target audience, it is crucial to be meticulous in your publishing. One approach to achieve this is to consistently appear over a significant amount of time. If your audience has formed the habit of expecting to see your brand on their feed regularly, they will like your content and be more willing to interact with it.

Boost Social Engagement

Schedule your Posts with Postly and have more time for other things.

Best Content Types For Instagram Posts

Best Content Types For Instagram Posts

Best Content Types For Instagram Posts

Ninety percent of Instagram users report that they follow at least one business, which means that businesses have the opportunity to engage with current consumers, deepen connections with them, and spark the attention of prospective new customers.

Because the average time spent by adult Instagram users on the site is close to 30 minutes per day, you will need to think of some inventive things to post on Instagram to attract the attention of your followers.

What categories of content seem to do the best on Instagram?

On Instagram, engaging posts, original, relevant to a certain niche, inspirational, and actionable do very well. In addition, lessons and films showing what goes on behind the scenes are some of the content kinds that do very well on the site. There are a lot of moving components that go into making a fantastic post on Instagram. Some of these parts include carousels, tagging, and captions.

Which format is most popular among users?

The days when Instagram was mostly used for posting photographs with heavy filters have long since passed. In addition to brand new categories like Stories and Reels, the primary feed may now also include material in the forms of video and carousels in addition to photographs (in portrait, landscape, or the classic square).

Video content generates the most comments and likes on social media platforms throughout the world, with an average of 24.25 comments and 1097.9 likes per post.

The carousel postings are now in second place, but the competition is fierce. They are just slightly below the video in terms of average comments, with 23.2, and they have 933.7 likes.

Source: Hubspot Instagram Engagement Report

Image postings have a significantly lower average and median position than other types of posts. In the year 2022, it would appear that this sort of information is no longer relevant or compelling.

The United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as North America, are exhibiting even more striking examples of this tendency.

The number of likes and comments generated by carousels is by far the highest, and the number generated by videos is significantly higher even than the number generated by single photographs. There is a possibility that this is since carousels may now display videos in addition to still photographs.

Why Carousels Were the Start Content of 2022?

Your ordinary customer is inundated with information. They do not want to always be bombarded with word-on-word content on their feeds. Information presented in manageable chunks, such as a caption and an image accompanied by a few lines of text, is more likely to be successful.

One of the best examples for using carousels to spread information in bite-size infographics can be The Holistic Psychologist account.

IGTV, Stories, and Reels are three examples of video-centric content categories that aren’t included in this statistic because they were just added as new features on Instagram.

Instead of simply adding this sort of material to the feed, marketers should explore the many avenues available to them this year rather than relying solely on the feed to distribute it.

Nevertheless, regardless of the information that they hold, it’s plausible that carousels are fundamentally interesting media. After all, the process of swiping through carousels is a lot more involved than simply viewing a movie or gazing at a picture without doing anything else with your hands.

Carousel And Video Content Mastery:

  1. Create an aesthetic that is on par with that of your other content types for these postings. This includes writing that is easy to read, stunning photographs, and colors that are both aesthetically pleasing and consistent with the brand.
  2. Carousels are not just a collection of unrelated images slapped together; rather, they convey a single narrative through a series of images.
  3. Create a cohesive narrative and aesthetic for your whole carousel of photographs by working together on their design.
  4. Your carousel is a tale; you should carefully build it such that it draws the reader through the entirety of your post.
  5. Start your presentation with a title slide that grabs the reader’s attention and draws them in, and then go on to the meat of your presentation. Conclude with an unequivocal call to action that outlines the next measures.

Make The Most Of Instagram Stories By Using Videos:

 Instagram users like viewing videos, and they particularly enjoy doing so on Instagram Stories. Stories are one of the most popular features of Instagram, with an average daily viewership of 500 million users.

The following is a guide that will help you write fantastic stories:

  • Make sure that your writing is succinct.
  • You just have a few seconds to capture the interest of your audience before they swipe to the next Story.
  • Make sure the messages you send are timely and important.
  • Provide the viewers with a cause to take immediate action before your Story is taken down. Phrasing such as “limited offer” has a good chance of being successful.

Stories are not the same as feed posts, which can be formatted in a variety of ways depending on their size and shape. Because people who use smartphones watch videos on their devices while holding them vertically, you should always design your content with this orientation in mind. Also, check out our guide on creating the best Instagram stories.

Using Memes:

You can add a sense of humanity and humor to your business by posting memes. Choose memes that are relatable to your audience and that you know will resonate with them. When executed correctly, memes have the potential to increase both brand recognition and consumer engagement. You will come across as more genuine to your audience if you establish an emotional connection with them.

Make an effort to keep them humorous, relevant, and relatable. Best case scenario? You go viral. What could go wrong? You appear to be retching. Therefore, before posting anything, you should probably acquire a second opinion.

Try Product Tags To Convert Customers:

Customers may be converted via Instagram’s product tags and stickers, which are both unique formats for posts and Instagram Stories, respectively, that enable direct transactions to be made through Instagram. 

Users have the ability to obtain further information about a product, such as its name or price, by clicking on product tags, for instance. If they click the button once again, they will be brought to a screen where they may complete the transaction.

Create Entertaining Instagram Reels:

A lot of companies don’t utilize video on their social media marketing channels in general, but Instagram is one platform where they use even less video than they do on other platforms.

In the social context of today and today’s world, video is essential, and including more of it in your feed can help you stand out from the crowd. It is up to you to decide what kinds of videos you want to make. You can post films about your products, videos that convey the story of your brand, vlogs, or Q&As.

Respond Comments with Reels:

Creators on Instagram now can respond to comments made on their Reels by posting a new Reel. There are instances when words are not sufficient to give justice to an inquiry. You may take the concept of “show, don’t tell” to a further level by using Reel reactions in your writing.

Throw A Question To Your Audience:

 If you want your audience to interact with your material and even interact with each other, include a question in one of your posts on Instagram and encourage them to respond.

Giveaways and Challenges:

Engagement through competitions, games, and other tasks is a sort of content that does well on Instagram. This may be accomplished by hosting contests, games, and other tasks. They are known to be quite popular and interesting because they entail direct engagement from the followers of the account in question.

Make sure there is a prize waiting for the person who comes out on top. If you don’t, your followers won’t have any interest in what you have to say. You may host entertaining trivia games and quizzes, and the prizes can be any of your goods or services.

But How to Manage All Instagram Tasks By Yourself?

While performing all of these things, you could find that you need assistance managing your Instagram account. Therefore, the best way to avoid stress is to automate your Instagram schedule.

You may schedule your Instagram Stories, posts, and reels by using Postly:

You are in luck since Postly offers an Instagram scheduler that you can use to get a head start on preparing and publishing your posts because it allows you to do it in advance. After that, you’ll be able to work your posts into the publication schedule for your various social media platforms, taking care to ensure that they are consistent with your other social postings and that they successfully integrate into any ongoing campaigns you may be doing.

You may create your own version of Instagram using a video or a picture, then post it to Postly using a URL or by directly uploading it from the device. After that, you can select the platform that you want to publish to.

You’ll have the ability to alter a single post so that it appears on several social accounts across many networks, and you’ll be able to accomplish all of this from a single page thanks to the functionality that the tool provides. In addition, you can select, in advance, the time of day during which your tales will be published.

Final Words:

You may save time by utilizing Postly to manage all of your social media accounts while also using some of these suggestions for posts on Instagram. You can schedule and publish pieces, as well as research with the audience and monitor success, all from inside a single dashboard.

Boost Social Engagement

Schedule your Posts with Postly and have more time for other things.

How to Write Best Captions. Tips and Tricks

How to Write Best Captions. Tips and Tricks

How to Write Best Captions. Tips and Tricks

Creating a caption is more of a scientific endeavor than an artistic one. You might not be very good at it right now, but there is no reason why you can’t improve. Because of the way a post is organized hierarchically, most people won’t see the caption until after they’ve seen the picture or thumbnail that you uploaded to the post and linked to. Therefore, it acts as a supplement to the primary material that you’ve provided on the website.

On the other hand, you might merely sometimes publish a post that is only text, comparable to a tweet. The guidelines are mostly unaltered over there.

The Fundamentals:

When writing the caption for a post on social media, you need to pay attention to a few fundamental guidelines, which may vary from platform to platform. Here are a few that are consistent across the board for all of them.

1.     Placement Of Hashtags:

You should avoid putting your hashtags in the center of the text like this. Your audience will almost certainly find it annoying. Put your hashtags towards the end of your description, where they won’t be seen but will still serve their purpose. This will ensure that they are properly utilized.

2.     Placement of Links:

In the same vein, your link should be at the very end of your caption, just after the hashtags. Following this step, the unsightly link will be removed, leaving behind simply a clear sample image and your caption.

3.     Get The Reader’s Attention with The Opening Line:

You’ll notice that some people begin their postings with a statement designed to pique your interest right away. How is it that he can do it repeatedly?

The caption that causes one to reflect is invariably an odd one. In other instances, a highly particular instance from the past is used to illustrate the point. It is only very seldom the case that it appears to be clickbait.


You immediately get the impression that you are around halfway through the story, you feel connected, and you immediately understand that this is a scenario with significant consequences. That is the goal that each of your captions should strive to achieve.

The maximum number of characters that can be used in an Instagram caption is 2,200. This limit is mostly for aesthetic purposes. However, it is essential to keep in mind that users’ feeds will only display three to four lines of text worth of captions before cutting them off.

Why Captions Are That Important?

Don’t let your carousel, picture, or video sit there all by itself without a caption! Best practices for captioning posts Always add a caption, as doing so significantly increases interaction, taking it from just under 4% to over 6%.

Increasing the length of the caption provides you with another, less significant bump, with benefits that vary depending on the length.

Source: Hubspot Instagram Engagement Report

The effectiveness of brief captions has not diminished. But nowadays, succinct isn’t necessarily the best option. When it comes to engagement, the two optimal lengths appear to be very short (between one and twenty characters) or very lengthy (over two thousand), although the increase, in either case, is just marginal.

The inclusion of a caption is the most crucial part of the process; thus, you should compose one that reads naturally and make sure that it comes straight from the heart!

It is still the case that having a caption provides a significant advantage in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and North America. On the other hand, it appears that individuals here enjoy reading shorter texts. After the first 20 characters, the value of each additional character begins to decrease.

Source: Hubspot Instagram Engagement Report


To reiterate, a lengthy caption is far preferable to having no caption at all; so, if you have anything to say, don’t be shy about saying it!

How to Use With Emojis?

Your caption consists of more than simply the text! In this day and age, interacting with one another through the use of these amusing tiny photographs has become a significant element of the process, and they also affect how well your material is received.

If you include at least one emoji in your post, you will receive increased engagement rates across the board; however, after that point, it does not appear to make much of a difference.

Source: Hubspot Instagram Engagement Report


This pattern is observed not only in the United Kingdom but also in Ireland, even though in both countries the beneficial influence that even a little amount may have is not nearly as significant.

In North America, incorporating a few emojis in a message might be helpful, but there is a risk of going overboard with their use.

When it comes to engagement, incorporating 11 or more emojis can have a substantial and detrimental influence, whilst including 6-10 emojis won’t boost your engagement too much. Therefore, try to keep it to fewer than 5!

Step-by-Step Guide to Writing an A+ Quality Caption

As we’ve seen, the key to elevating your Instagram performance to the next level is to pay close attention to the captions you use.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your photo or carousel is; adding a description to your post will give it a surge of engagement that the photo or carousel would never bring in on its own.

The following are some fast pointers for writing a caption that will get you the results you desire.

1.     Don’t change the tone of your voice:

Your caption is the ideal location to give your brand voice a chance to shine through in all of its glory! This is your opportunity to talk directly to your followers with the personality that they have come to know and adore you for.

2.     Begin with a hook:

Always begin your caption with the most engaging information. This is the most crucial information.

Your caption will be truncated when it shows in the feeds of Instagram users, and unless it is very brief, those viewers will be required to click the “see more” button to read the entire thing. Therefore, you should offer them a cause to continue reading!

3.     Simply telling a story is one of the best ways to make a caption intriguing.

Consider the following question: Given the choice, would you prefer to read an uninteresting list of statistics or a story about what those facts truly mean? Use captions to tell the stories that are behind your business and the items that you sell everywhere you can.

4.     Give something of value to your audience.

As they browse the material your company has posted on Instagram, your audience is asking themselves one question: What’s in it for me? Make following your account worth their time by providing them with access to unique discounts, limited-time specials, or even just informative content.

5.     Don’t forget the CTA:

You should never conclude your caption without offering the next action, such as subscribing to your email, leaving a remark, or even making a purchase. If you neglect the CTA, you’ll miss out on potential customers. If someone reads your entire caption, it indicates that you did an excellent job of maintaining their attention; thus, you shouldn’t allow this opportunity to pass you by without making use of it.

6.     Draft your captions on a different platform:

If you write your captions on a different platform, you will have a better chance of thinking strategically and remaining free of distractions. By doing so, you will prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed by notifications and comparisons. Keep in mind that the most important aspect of your Instagram caption should be the goals that you have set for your campaign and engagement. Because the initial caption you write isn’t always going to be the ideal one to use, you should give some thought to coming up with a few more ideas for your captions.

Get Help From Postly‘s Caption Generator, an Artificial Intelligence-Based Writer for Captions:

Postly AI writer can produce lengthy and short copy, such as captions for social media, advertisements, product descriptions, and material optimized for high conversion rates.

After logging into Postly and selecting AI writer from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen, you will be prompted to select a category before continuing with the user-friendly interface of the AI writer.

Postly is a tool for scheduling and preparing posts on social media. When you are done with creating and editing post captions, video captions, and call-to-actions, you can publish it right away or schedule for a future time. And the platform and AI writer work not only for Instagram captions, but also for Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest.

The best news is that the Postly solo plan begins at just $9 per month. This is by far the most affordable option. This plan allows for an unlimited number of scheduled posts for up to ten accounts but has a limit of 10,000 characters on the number of characters that may be written by the AI writer.


It is essential to make effective use of the caption to provide fuel for your Instagram marketing efforts since the caption is one of the most precious pieces of real estate on the Instagram platform.

And it is worth the effort to write something that is not only appealing to your audience but also helpful to you in building relationships, engagement, and conversions from Instagram. Although the process of writing a good caption will add a significant amount of time to the process of creating your post, it is worthwhile to make the effort to write something that is appealing to your audience.

Boost Social Engagement

Schedule your Posts with Postly and have more time for other things.

How to Use Hashtags to Drive More Engagement

How to Use Hashtags to Drive More Engagement

How to Use Hashtags to Drive More Engagement

Hashtags are an excellent tool for increasing the number of views, likes, and shares of content posted on social media platforms to promote a company’s brand. The hashtag, which was once known as the symbol (#), is a method for making your material discoverable to an audience that is already interested in it.

Twitter was the first social media platform to widely use hashtags, but since then, other social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok have also adopted their use. If you can master the hashtag, you will have a powerful tool to engage your audience and enhance your social influence for no expense other than the time to conduct some research and pay attention to trends. This is a powerful approach to engaging your audience and raising your social impact.

How Do Hashtags Get Their Results?

Spell out a phrase to use as a hashtag; for example, #usinghashtags. Do not include any spaces between the words. It is possible for it to contain numerals, but not symbols or punctuation. Your social media post or remark can include the hashtag at any point — the beginning, the middle, or the conclusion — and doing so makes it possible for the social media network to index what you have put there. People who are not your fans or followers will still be able to locate and read your material if you employ this tactic.

Instagram Hashtag Insights for 2022:

Without hashtags, Instagram just wouldn’t be the same. Because this is the platform that gave you #ThrowbackThursday and #InstaGood, they are not going anywhere.

On a global scale, the greater the number of hashtags, the better! It doesn’t appear that using as many as possible would hurt post-performance, so feel free to use them – just make sure that the hashtags you use are still relevant to your audience and specialty.

Source: Hubspot Instagram Engagement Report

The Most Popular Hashtags in 2022:

It should come as no surprise that the most often used hashtags are extremely generic terms like “love” (678,611 occurrences) and “photography” (635,149 occurrences).

That could seem interesting, but considering that millions of posts are published every day using these categories, it will merely lose you in the noise if you do that.

Therefore, make an informed decision, and use one of these top hashtags in only the most interesting of circumstances.

The most engaging and active hashtags are those that are used by a community. Even if there are not too many posts using these hashtags, they have already been looked for and sent about by organizations that wish to connect with others who are interested in obtaining relevant material.

Source: Hubspot Instagram Engagement Report


It was common for the hashtags that received the greatest interaction to be opposed to the most popular and overly generic choices.

On the contrary, the most engaging hashtags were quite specialized, addressing certain groups and areas of interest. A few popular categories? places in the world, popular television shows, and famous people from India and Korea.

High-Engagement Niches:

The most engaging hashtags were controlled by specialized groups and fandoms, with a significant amount of activity coming from Indian media.

Users that speak English are likely already familiar with several of these brands, like Formula 1 (#F1), Honda, and GoPro.

For hashtags, the second-best category is to utilize over 10. Therefore, if you want your material to be noticed by as many people as possible, you shouldn’t be scared to slap some tags on it, especially when you’re just starting.

The Most Popular Hashtags In North America:

A large number of accounts in North America utilized hashtags to publish material that was associated with fitness and tourism.

Instagram was also a popular platform for individuals to use to advertise their small businesses through the use of hashtags such as #ShopLocal, #SmallBusiness, and #ShopSmall.

Basketball, the natural world, and interior design led the list of hashtags that received the most engagement in North America. Many hashtags, such as #NBAPlayoffs, #livelovecanada, and #vintagedecortour, were found to be among the most popular.

To be more specific, certain specialized hobbies, such as bird photography and tiny houses, claimed top levels of involvement.

The Most Popular Hashtags in the United Kingdom and Ireland:

The trends were seen in this region mirror those seen worldwide. Including more than 11 hashtags in your post is still your best strategy in this regard.

The most common was #London. They also found a predominance of hashtags relating to small businesses and arts and crafts in the material that was shared in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Instagram is continuing to be one of the most accessible avenues for individuals to talk about their interests and hobbies, as well as monetize those.

The Most Engaging Hashtags In UK And Ireland:

Just as in North America, sports hashtags produced great interaction; but, in this region, it was football tags such as #Euro2020 and #PremierLeague that attracted national interest. Most popular:

It is interesting to see that #ad ranks as the second most popular hashtag. This year, new laws were adopted that require users and all influencers, to declare to their followers whenever they make a sponsored post. It would appear that people in the UK who use Instagram are not put off by sponsored material, as the average number of engagements is around 2000.

Tags relating to nail art and manicures fared very well, and picturesque photographs of Britain, both urban and rural, were also a prominent feature.

How Can We Improve Hashtag Strategy?

Hashtags are extremely useful since they are one of the few ways to attract users who don’t follow you to view your material on social media.

Using relevant hashtags in your posts is another way to increase their visibility on the Explore page.

1.     Go For Variety:

There are five primary classes of hashtags, which are as follows:

  • Location (#London, #exploreBC)
  • Branded (#AbsolutVodka, #GotMilk, #NikeByYou)
  • Industry (#MakeupLovers, #cars), “Makeup Lovers,” etc.
  • Community (including #arianators and #lakersnation on Twitter)
  • Descriptive (of makeup and house décor, for example)

Choose tags from each of the five categories when you’re just getting started for a well-rounded strategy that appeals to a wide variety of demographics and subgroups of individuals.

2.     Get Some #Inspiration:

Examine the activity of other accounts in your field to get a sense of the hashtags that are most commonly used there.

When you have selected one or two pertinent hashtags, the next step is to investigate the most popular posts that already make use of them. Have they selected any additional hashtags that you think would go well with the information you’re sharing?

3.     Discover The Optimal Balance of Keyword Usage:

You should search on Instagram for each potential hashtag to see how many other users are already making use of it. If there are too few, your message will hardly be noticed; if there are too many, it will be lost in the clamor.

  • Choose hashtags that fall somewhere in the center, with a total number of postings ranging from 10,000 to 200,000.
  • Instead of attempting to employ many words in a single tag, strive to keep hashtags succinct and easy to remember.
  • Do not make the mistake of trying to cram hashtags into every single post. Instead, utilize them in situations when they will bring value and are likely to spark dialogue and connection with others.

4.     Use the Keyword Generator Offered by Postly:

Postly – a comprehensive social media automation tool- enables users to manage your social media calendar – even for multiple accounts for multiple platforms- like a breeze. In addition, the social media planner distinguishes out because of its fantastic extra features, such as an integrated AI writer, social media automation, bulk uploading, and post-scheduling capabilities. These are just some of the amazing additional features that the social media scheduler offers.

In addition to that, it has a hashtag generator as a component of its AI writer. This will assist you in finding hashtags that are appropriate and interesting for each of your respective contexts.

Through the usage of an AI writer that can be accessed via the platform, it also gives users content ideas that can be used for social media posts, captions, descriptions, and other applications.

You can also automatically use trending hashtags in your nation if you use Twitter. This is useful if you want to build some buzz on Twitter or keep up with current happenings.

A Few Key Techniques For Using Hashtags On Instagram:

  1. Follow the #hashtags as you do with people. This shows that material from any author can show up in your feed so long as it has the hashtag that you’re following.
  2. You may also search for hashtags by going to the Explore area of Instagram and clicking on the Tags tab.
  3. Not only can you use hashtags to attract members of your target audience, but you can also use them to gather information about your competitors. If you search for information using hashtags, you will find stuff that applies to your subject matter.
  4. The best strategy is to compile your hashtags and place them after your caption
  5. Alternatively, you could want to consider adding your hashtags as the first comment on the post so that followers can concentrate on the wonderful caption you’ve written.
  6. You’ll get access to Instagram Insights if you upgrade to an Instagram Business account. After that, you’ll be able to view the total number of impressions the hashtags brought to your profile.
  7. It is best to not use hashtags in the middle of your captions or comments because doing so has the potential to render your information inaccessible to users who rely on text-to-speech readers.


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How to Get Engaged Followers On Social Media

How to Get Engaged Followers On Social Media

How to Get Engaged Followers On Social Media

Having a huge following is no longer sufficient; what counts now is whether or if your audience enjoys your content. We measure engagement by keeping track of whether readers engaged with your content or just glanced through it.

  • A post’s engagement is calculated as the total of its likes and comments.
  • Simply divide a user’s total number of followers by their total number of interactions to determine their engagement rate.

It involves more than just vanity strategies like growing your following. In 2018, there were 460.06 interactions per post globally or an average engagement rate of 5.86%. That is a startling growth that is more than twice as high as the previous year’s figure of 2.26%.

Source: Hubspot Instagram Engagement Report

Actually, the main deciding element in achieving an average level of engagement is how many followers you have. An average of 50–51 people engaged with each new post on an account with 1,000 followers would be regarded as good.

This figure is massive compared to the average from the prior year, which was 20 engagements per 1,000 followers, and it should reassure advertisers everywhere.

If engagement isn’t rising along with the number of followers you have, you can have a lot of inactive users or even fraudulent people that don’t genuinely care about your business.

  • Regionally, North America and the United Kingdom had somewhat fewer engagements on average per woman.
  • In North America, the average engagement rate was 5.21% or 403.79% of all interactions with each post.
  • In the United Kingdom and Ireland, the average engagement rate was 5.43% or 370.76 interactions per post.

In the Hubspot report, we are observing a decrease in contact between Instagram’s two main English-speaking user communities as a result of the rise of international mega-accounts. Why is this taking place? The most popular accounts on social media platforms throughout the world are becoming more and more diverse, with Korea, India, and Brazil having disproportionately high representation. The bulk of the accounts with the most followers are still mostly located in North America, which is significant (for now).

This is another factor demonstrating why the quantity of followers is no longer the defining indicator of an account’s success. Accounts headquartered in North America and the UK/Ireland can still grow a sizable and active following but doing so will need them to operate at the very best level.

Getting interested followers Everyone who uses Instagram wants to increase their following, regardless of whether their objective is to have 10,000 or 500,000 followers.

However, it’s the outcomes, not the numbers, that really count. So, what to get loyal and engaged followers?

Brand Voice:

Users won’t stick around if your brand is ambiguous or confusing to them since they will only interact with brands that they are acquainted with and appreciate. Before using it as a compass for whatever you share on Instagram, you must establish your voice and brand identity.

Improve your bio:

Remember that your bio is often your first and only chance to introduce yourself and make a good first impression. Consumers will quickly determine whether or not to follow you after viewing your profile based on the information they discover there. You need to make an impact on them right away by letting them know who you are and what you are best at.

Consistent Publishing:

Because growing a following is all about making incremental progress over time, just like with a successful training routine, maintaining a consistent publishing schedule is crucial. Be careful not to create goals that are too ambitious that you start creating low-quality material.

No more spending time responding to several emails to publish a single post. The social media posting process may be made much simpler with the assistance of the Postly social media scheduler. You need just make a strategy for your postings in advance, enter that plan into the tool, and then you can sit back and let the program do its job! You may choose to use our Facebook publishing tools to maintain a regular presence on the network, or you can use the Instagram scheduler to achieve success with your Instagram marketing efforts.

It provides a lot of features even on the free plan, and it could be enough to suit your requirements for posting up to 20 posts. However, the monthly cost of even its Solo plan begins at only 9 USD.

Make regular use of collaboration:

establishing powerful partnerships with other users is a great way to broaden your influence and draw in new audiences. The micro- and nano-influencers we highlighted shouldn’t be disregarded, especially if they already care about your brand. Even your workers’ personal accounts may be used as effective communication channels.

Should I include more tagging in this post?

The tags on Instagram enable us to reach a wider audience with our content. But utilizing hashtags is only one part of the strategy; another great way to broaden one’s audience and engage with others who share related interests is by tagging other accounts and users.

Including the handles of other accounts in posts may increase engagement. By referencing another account in the post’s description or by adding tags directly to the post, you can boost the number of people who see your content.

You should tag at least one other account in every post if you want the most interaction.

The more accounts you tag, though, the better; this is also the best method for raising your engagement rate when evaluated by median (which, once again, allows us to control for outliers).

Which is more fruitful: tagging or referencing a post?

You may connect your content to the accounts of other users by referencing or tagging their content. A mention appears in your caption, whereas tags are added to your visual.

Use a @ sign followed by the user’s username to draw attention to someone in your caption (or in a comment). They will be informed, and it’s conceivable that they will go read your article if they happen to notice it.

When you tag anyone in a post, their name will show up above the image or video you’ve shared. You can choose to do this at the time of the original post or later on through an edit. A notification about it will also be sent to the person you mentioned in the photo. However, it’s significant to note that, albeit in a different tab, the picture in which they are tagged will also appear on their profile. So long as they don’t take it down, you could also be able to reach their whole audience.

You could get more visibility for your profile by both mentioning and tagging other accounts.

But if you want to get their attention, a good rule of thumb is to mention other accounts in the captions or comments of the pictures you publish. Make sure to tag them in your posts whenever you want their followers to notice you.

Promote your content outside of Instagram:

You may find followers for your Instagram account in some surprising places. Through your brand’s other communications, like your website and email marketing efforts, you could be able to reach a broader audience.

Make headlines that Catch People’s Attention:

Developing catchy headlines for your content is one of the most important things you can do to increase user engagement.

The title of your blog post will be the first thing a visitor sees when they come, therefore it is crucial to make sure it is captivating and grabs their interest.

A good headline should be descriptive and catch the reader’s attention, but it shouldn’t be overly complicated or lengthy.

Pose questions:

Posing questions for users to consider and respond to is a great way to increase user engagement. This is so that readers may interact with other readers by leaving comments on the post. Another approach to make your blogs more interactive and engaging for readers is to include questions in them. When you do ask a question, make sure it is relevant to the topic at hand. Avoid asking any questions that can annoy or alienate your audience in any way.

Create a Sense of Humor:

Using humor as one of your methods will make it simple to increase user engagement. People are more likely to interact with messages that make them feel good or laugh, thus this is the case.

Your posts may also be made simpler to read and more likely to be shared by others if you employ humor in them. Just be careful not to overdo it and stay away from anything that can offend your readers.


Organizing a contest or giveaway on your page is a great approach to increase the connection you have with your audience because everyone loves to participate in them. This is one of the reasons why people are more likely to connect with postings that offer them the possibility to win something.

Make sure the contest or giveaway relates to your profile or website, and select a prize that site visitors will find appealing.

Follow the 30-Minute Rule:

It is essential to reply to comments and direct messages (DMs) within the first 30 minutes of a post becoming live to successfully promote community involvement. The fact that you are not only paying attention to them but also showing that you care will encourage your audience to interact with you and the other users of your account. These connections will get stronger the more frequently you actively converse with your followers in the comments section.

Make sure the material you produce is shareable and archivable.

Do not focus on likes and comments so much that you overlook saves and shares. The save function on Instagram is known as the platform’s “super-like” for a reason. The more saves and shares your posts receive, the higher up the algorithm will place them on the Explore page. What steps should you take to produce content that can be shared and saved? You must be aware of the interests and advantages that your audience finds appealing. Try out several types of content, including tutorials, instructional videos, and an Instagram post series.

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