New features

This is a complete revamp of the dashboard features and introduction of new ones.

Thanks again for staying with us. Hope you are enjoying Postly.
Well, it is about to get much better as we just launched a much-improved Dashboard. The whole objective is to make your tasks easier and more seamless.
Besides the much-improved UI/UX, we have the following notable additions:
1. Home page is now your timeline.
The homepage is where all the actions happen now.
a. Draft and schedule your posts right on the home page
b. View published, scheduled and draft posts
c. View user comments on your posts (still fine-tuning this).
d. View current social trends and jump on them by clicking on the message bubble beside each trend.
e. View Holidays and Events and share something about them by clicking on the feather icon. 
2. Workflow approval is live – Now you can get your teams or clients to review and approve your Posts before they are published. 
Make sure you benefit from this feature by adding team members or clients on the Team tab, then setting your approval process to either “Required” or “Multi-level”
3. Social trends – View social trends around your local and jump on it. Engage actively to drive brand visibility.
4. Events and Holidays – Plan your content ahead and around events and holidays to help you improve on audience relations.


The is a major revamp as stated above.

1. Publisher tab merged with Home timeline.
You can now draft your Posts right from your home page timeline. 

Bug fixes

  1. Issues regarding connected platforms not showing up on the publisher –  Fixed
  2. Link display issue on platforms – Fixed
  3. The 80-character word wrap issue on the content publisher – Fixed
  4. Bug on Drafts tab – view and delete – Fixed. 
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