New features

Some basic features were implemented in this version. These include the following:

1. Social Platforms v1.0

-Add multiple accounts of the same platform
-Facebook pages and groups
-Instagram pages
-Twitter Threads
-LinkedIn personal profile and pages
-Reddit personal profile and communities

2. Content Publisher v1.0

a. One-click publishing
b. Auto-save Draft Posts
c. Emoji support
d. Posts Preview
e. Content Adaptation for all Platforms -Multi-image and video scheduling. You can add up to 4 images/videos mix.
f. Embed links on posts

3. Content Scheduler v1.0

View Draft, Scheduled and Published Posts

4. Team Collaboration v1.0

-Create Workspaces
-Add Team Members


  1. Connect multiple accounts on the same platform e.g. 10 Facebook pages.
  2. Embed links to your Posts (YouTube video links etc) tons of feedback. 


Bug fixes

  1. LinkedIn Video Upload Issue resolved.
  2. Edit, Update and Delete Posts on the Scheduler Pages.
  3. Fixed bugs on Publisher, Scheduler, and general Backend.
  4. Fixed Twitter Thread shows one-liners and cuts off mid-sentence.
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