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Platform Features


Consider this as a meeting room.

The best practice is to allocate one Workspace per team, brand or client. This way each one can work in a secure private environment. They can also review and approve the posts before being published.

Facebook Official API

Due to the nature of the official API, Facebook and Instagram accounts count as one account on Postly. This helps in counting the number of social plans you have.

Facebook Platform

  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Groups
  • Supports images, regular (16:9) and vertical (9:16) videos.
  • Facebook Personal Profile and  Stories (coming soon).

Google Business Profile Publishing

  • You can publish to Google Business Profile

Instagram Platform

  • Instagram Business Accounts
  • Publish Carousel Posts and Reels.
  • Supports images, regular (16:9) and vertical (9:16) videos.
  • Instagram Personal Profile and Stories are coming soon.

LinkedIn Platform

  • LinkedIn Personal Profiles and Business Pages
  • Supports images, regular (16:9) and vertical (9:16) videos.

Twitter Platform

  • Tweets, Threads and Polls.
  • Supports images, regular (16:9) and vertical (9:16) videos.
  • Supports up to 4 images, regular (16:9) and vertical (9:16) videos.

YouTube Platform

  • YouTube Channels
  • Supports regular (16:9) and vertical (9:16) videos.
  • YouTube auto-converts videos less than 60 secs to YouTube Shorts.

TikTok Platform

  • TikTok Profile – This requires mobile notification approval from TikTok mobile app.
  • Supports images, regular (16:9) and vertical (9:16) videos

Pinterest Platform

  • Pinterest Boards
  • Supports images, regular (16:9) and vertical (9:16) videos

Telegram Platform

  • Telegram Groups and Channels
  • Supports images, regular (16:9) and vertical (9:16) videos

Reddit Platform

  • Reddit Personal Profile and Communities
  • Supports images, regular (16:9) and vertical (9:16) videos

Features and Benefits


Consider this as a meeting room.
The best practice is to allocate one Workspace per team, brand or client. This way each one can work in a secure, private environment. They can also review and approve the posts before being published.

Days for You

Holidays and special event days are always special and perfect opportunities to celebrate and engage with your audience. We have listed these days based on your locations, and we track them s they happen all year round.

Trends for You

We showcase local trends in the news and events around you. This is good information for local businesses.
You can also join the conversation by clicking on the speech bubble to add your own voice.

Recurring Posts

Schedule your posts to repost Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or even Yearly.

Smart Polls

Spice up your social media marketing game with interesting and engaging Polls. Currently available on Twitter platform. More coming soon.

Bulk Content Upload

Publish your social media content at scale using a CSV file. Your file must adhere to the template format.

Google Business Profile Publishing

  • Publish to your Google Business Profiles (formerly Google My Business)

Facebook Publishing

  • You can publish to Facebook Pages and Groups – as many as you have under your account.
  • Publishing to Facebook Personal Profile and Stories is dependent on a complementary Mobile App (coming soon.)

Twitter Threads

  • Tweets, Threads, and Polls.
  • Postly will automatically generate Threads from your post. Just keep writing good content while we take care of the grunt work for you!

Instagram Publishing

  • You can publish on Instagram Business Accounts
  • Publish Carousel Posts directly.
  • Instagram Reels and Video Cover Image.
  • Instagram Personal Profile and Stories are coming soon.

LinkedIn Publishing

  • Publish on LinkedIn Personal Profiles and Business Pages

YouTube Publishing

  • Publish on YouTube Channels
  • YouTube auto-converts videos less than 60 secs to YouTube Shorts.

Telegram Publishing

  • Publish on Groups and Channels.
  • Get a customized Telegram Bot. Learn more

TikTok Publishing

  • Schedule your video contents.
  • Approve and publish using TikTok mobile app.

Reddit Publishing

  • Publish to personal profile and Community subreddits.
  • Disable the option of post-approval. Learn more

20,000+ happy users across 100+ Countries



Oh Mr. Creator! You're so humble - you didn't mention the sidebar which contains trending topics and when ya click on the speech bubble that's when the AI kicks in!!!

This software is ahead of it's time! Literally every platform that you can imagine is incorporated for autoposts. You can upload Images, Videos and of course text.

- Ability to upload GIFs
- Hashtags
(But honestly, this platform is so robust, I almost feel bad asking for anything else)!

I'm so happy with my purchase and I know this software is going to give me the leverage to be more consistent! Honestly, I don't think there's another platform in the game in this price range that offers auto-posting to so many platforms! Reddit, Telegram, TikTok....and YouTube??!!! OMG!!

Just buy this if you need a social media management platform on a double dose of Steroids with some Testosterone and HGH on the side!!

Postly Successful


Im a new user, just from the dashboard; i can see this app will publish direct to all my pages.

i will be using postly to generate free traffic to affiliate offers, similar to running an email marketing promotion. so im looking forward to building the lead list on all the social platforms by getting the job done in one place.

basic links up to 30 accounts, which is more than necessary for me, and a big thank YOU to Postly for the account.

you, could pay similiar costs for 1-3 months with similar tools, as always sumolings saving their money.

-jeremy burt
5 crunchy tacos

Save us lots of Money and Time!


I'm a social media marketer and I've been looking for a tool that would allow me to automate my social media marketing. I found Postly and decided to give it a try. I love the platform because it is easy to use and it allows me to quickly publish content to all of my social media channels. I used to spend hours writing content for my social media channels, but now I use Postly to publish content and then I can focus on other marketing tasks. Possibly my business would save thousands of dollars this year by using Postly.

Exciting Product, Honest Customer Service & Great Product


There is so much to love and get excited about in regards to Postly and there's more than just one single point to talk about. The interface is clean in comparison to a different product that allowed me to use unlimited social media accounts where their interface was clunky, cumbersome and social media accounts were all over the place. What Postly has developed and is currently developing has me excited.

Another Postly user gave me a look at their setup and explained to me how incredible it was, he compared it with other products and highly rated Postly and spoke very highly of Paul Onu. I can say that I am eager for more features to roll out.

If there was a disadvantage to Postly, it would be my own impatience and eagerness for new features but that's my own excitement. Paul Onu has dealt with honesty and integrity when I was doing my research and you can see this when looking at the roadmap, if something is delayed, you can see a revised ETA date.

I recently experienced one product for social media distribution and I loved the person who I had a one-to-one meeting with but everything started to fall apart. I was experiencing bugs... What I'm sensing with Postly is that they want to get it right, they want it to work and don't want to release something that's problematic unless it's throughly tested.

When discussing the aquisition of the Postly with others, they too got excited.

Great tool for social media management


Postly is a social media scheduler that did a fine job of setting me up with my social media pages and directing me to properly schedule posts for them. I also noticed that unlike many out there, postly has access to the major social media platforms including Pinterest, Reddit, TikTok, and telegram.

Postly: A better way to do social media


I have a small agency and we're always looking for new ways to improve the services we provide our clients. We were looking for a new way to manage our social media strategy and Postly seems to be the perfect solution. It's still early but so far, the platform is giving us a more streamlined way of scheduling and publishing social media posts. The UI is clean and easy to use with connections to most of the essential social platforms. We’re looking forward to the additional platforms and functionality scheduled to be delivered soon.

Thoughtfully and powerfully crafted social media posting platform


The sequence you will find as you onboard is logical and focused, the integrations are quick and snappy and the flow is streamlined well. The founder Paul is quick to respond to any suggestions for further integrations and i understand Quora is being considered, which will be a great add-on. All in all, if you wish to save time and get your message out there with minimal clicks and time, this could be all you need.



All I can say is I am super impressed with the product that Paul has produced here! I was a little concerned that the program was less than a year old and contacted Paul to inquire about his team. He was quick to respond and reassured me that the team consisted of experienced developers who are family and friends and are devoted to making this the best product on the market.

He has definitely kept the kiss principle in mind (keep it simple and speedy) when developing this which makes onboarding clients a breeze. Connecting to social media accounts is a snap and the UI (especially dark mode) is awesome.

I've made a lot of purchases here on at Sumo and I have to say this is definitely one of the top five! I'd give it 10 tacos if I could

Easy to use


I've tried a few publishing tools, from Publer to Postoplan, even the bottom end of the scale being Ocoya. I instantly gravitated to Postly due to the upcoming Ai writer, with this integration it will set Postly apart from the top performers IMO. Right form the get-go I fell in love with Postly, I try to use a tool from the perspective of a VA with little experience. If I can figure it out without referring to help pages it a BIG tick for me. This was definitely the case with Postly. It was love at first sight!

Postly - The time saver


Postly is an awesome social media scheduler with most of the platforms present. The development is happening at a good pace. The roadmap looks good too.
The dark mode is excellent. Also, unlimited scheduling makes it better than others.

Overall, this is very useful to manage multiple social media profiles easily.

Better than Hootsuite and HelloWoofy


I am comparing Postly to HelloWoofy and Hoosuite.

Postly has a very clean UI and I like that you can post to some of the most important Social networks like Pinterest which HelloWoofy can post to but not many social accounts in most of their plans.

Also Reddit can't be posted to yet in H.W. while in Postly it can. Last time I used Hootsuite it was too cluttered of a UI and very archaic looking. The most important feature I am looking for I was told by Paul is coming out soon.

I needed a way to select dates on a calendar for recurring posts without the same content going out on multiple days which is frowned upon by social sites like Twitter. I sometimes select 10 days in a row on a calendar in H.W. then load up 10 different pieces of content that would go out instead of doing it one by one. Paul the owner of Postly said this is coming on soon in the content planner which will make me very happy🙂

Also support for Postly has answered me quickly while even though I like the team at H.W. they take a long time to get back to you with some of my emails going unanswered.

Overall through my testing so far Postly has a lot of potential and excited to see the coming updates.

Intuitive Client Workflow & Beautiful Interface


I was searching for a social media publishing platform that would schedule posts and have a way to onboard clients privately. My main concern was that the platform needed to be intuitive enough that my non-technical clients would not feel intimidated, and also save me troubleshooting time. What I provide them needs make their life easier - otherwise why would they hire me!
Postly does exactly that. Easy, intuitive setup and workflow. It's interface is beautiful and responsive. I also enjoy the dark-mode feature.
Awesome all around!

Simple to use, one tool to post on them all...


So far simple to use and I like it. Founder thus far is approachable and listening for feedback and features. Glad I went all in.

Easy to start using!


Simple and clean interface. I've created a free account to see how it works. In a minute, I got a confident to use it. I'm happy to have got this deal.