1. AI Writer

Our much anticipated AI Writer has been finally launched.  Now you can generate faster and better social media marketing copies that engage and convert.
You can easily generate Product Descriptions, Social Media Copies, Hashtags, Digital Ads, and Sales Copies.
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2. Content Planner

One of our best features so far. The Content Planner makes it easy for you to visualize your content strategy and plan your content schedules. It declutters your pages and maintains a very clean and simple view for easy management.
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3. Customized Telegram Bot

Get a customized Telegram Bot with your logo and custom name for your business and enjoy the unified brand identity across all your communication channels.
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1. Video and Image Formatting

We attempted end-to-end transcoding of videos and transformation of images but had to roll back due to some technical issues. We will attempt this again soon.
However, at the moment, please try to comply with the guides provides on our website.
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2. Save AI Writer copies

We added a SAVE button so you can save your generated copies permanently.  We also added persistence such that while still logged in, you can access other pages and still come back to access your generated copies. However, once you log out, the persisted copies will have to be cleared automatically, while only the saved copies remain.

3. View used and remaining Workspaces

You can now view your own used/remaining Workspaces. This helps you keep records and plan better. To access this, go to My Account -> Profile


We had a few bugs that cropped up in the course of the month and we have managed to fix them all. Below is a list of bugs that were fixed.

  • Scheduled Posts not publishing/on time/to some social platforms.
  • Recurring Posts not publishing subsequent schedules.
  • AI Writer not generating good content.
  • Duplicate Image and Content issue was also addressed.
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