Recurring Evergreen Content

Recurring Evergreen Content

Welcome, Recurring Posts.

We are delighted to inform you that you can now publish your Posts and set them to reoccur Daily, Weekly or Yearly. We believe this is a very important feature and we have given it the required time and resources in order to serve you better.

A premium feature.

We have made this feature exclusive to premium users.
The primary reason was to encourage you to upgrade and support our business so we can provide you with even better service. On the other hand, this is also mainly because of the 5 posts-per-month limitation on Free Plans. We would really appreciate it if you could support us by subscribing to our affordable and very generous premium plans.

Simple to use

The button is right there on the publisher window. This makes it easy to set up a Recurring Post, without leaving the page.

The recurring features are very easy to configure and allow the user to set for Daily, Weekly and Yearly reposts as well as exclusions as may be required.

Published Reocurring stamp

Once published, the Recurring Posts are easy to identify because of the stamp on them. This makes it easy to pick them out out of a pile of published Posts. 

Postly Use Case for Marketing Agencies

Postly Use Case for Marketing Agencies

Setting up to work with Clients

1. Create new Workspaces
You can create a new Workspace by accessing the My Accounts page. This process will allow you to create one Workspace at a time. However, You can create multiple Workspaces at the same time by using the Create Bulk Workspaces feature.

2. Switch and Delete Workspaces
If you have multiple teams or clients, you can easily switch from one Workspace to another.
You can also delete Workspaces either singly or in bulk. Note that deleting a Workspace does not affect the number of Workspace-slots you have in your account profile. You can delete a Workspace at any time and create new ones as you wish.

3. Invite Team Members and Clients to Workspaces
Postly allows you to add as many team members and Clients as you want. 
Create a dedicated Workspace per client. Your Clients will also sign up to Postly (Free Plan is okay) and you will invite them to your Workspace with Owner role. They will then connect their social Platforms by themselves.

Please note that only the Owner role will be able to view the Platforms page and connect social accounts.

4. Approval Workflow
The approval workflow feature enables your team and clients to be able to review and approve posts before they are published. 
To set up the workflow process, you need to select either None, Required, Optional or Multi-level approval options. You can also choose for the Posts drafted by Workspace Owner to go through approval or not. 

Please note that only Approver roles can approve Posts. 
For more details on Team Management and Workspaces, please click here